Indoor Digital Billboard Advertising
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Easy Pricing Programs
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You can change your locations at any time (See update fee schedule)
Prices are based on 12 second ad time. We can increase your ad time or customize your Ad program that best fits your needs
Additional Prices

Ad Updates                                                                          $7.50 per location / $99.00 max

​           Location Updates                                                                 $7.50 per location / $99.00 max

           Design Services                                                                   $75.00 per Hour


Monthly Rate                              $59.00 per month

1-time Start Up FEE                                     $150.00 
Add more locations at any time with any setup fees
Just pay the first month(NO PRORATION)
Start NOW and save $5.00 per month on each location. 
Lock your price in before offer Ends